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Shiny Salvage

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Horseshoe wall art and various pretty items to decorate your home, or a personalised beautiful gift for someone you care about.

I bring 'back to life' pretty items that have been neglected, in my workshop to enhance their beauty. Each horseshoe is unique as they are made on an individual basis by me, and comes with a farriers nail to attach the horseshoe to the wall.

Horseshoes bring 'good luck'

we offer a huge selection of Horseshoe wall art

If you want to decorate your home, or personalise a beautiful gift for someone special.

A horseshoe is considered very lucky as they are made by blacksmiths (considered a very lucky trade) as the elements of fire and iron were thought to have magical special powers.

Hanging a horseshoe is considered very lucky, attracting good fortune to the people living there. A horseshoe is meant to be a storage container for any good luck that is floating by.